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Criminal Procedure Rules 46. .
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  • They'll talk you through your options, let you know if you're likely to get legal aid and help you with the application process.
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  • It may also hold ad hoc smaller tenders, for example if there is a gap in provision in a particular area.
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    If they have previously received a custodial sentence, the court cannot grant legal aid [section 23(1) (b) of the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986].

  • Upon completing the application form, please make sure that you: Have read the background information for applicants.
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    If the Agency think your case is urgent enough they will grant legal aid without seeing any forms.

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  • CIV APP8A: application for prior authority.
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  • 5 Documentation required to make an application 33 3.
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    Specifically, we will use this personal data in the following ways: • In deciding whether you are eligible for legal aid, whether you are required to make a contribution towards the costs of this legal aid and to assist the Legal Aid Agency in collecting those contributions, if.

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    7 Prioritising of applications 43.