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Location: Tokyo. 2M ~ ¥4.
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  • Looking for your next assignment in Japan?.
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    Ranked by the Financial Times (FT) as one of the fastest growing companies in the Asia-Pacific area in the inaugural FT 1000 High-Growth Companies list.

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    80 open jobs for Entry level in Tokyo.

  • 687 jobs.
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    Entry-level software developer positions in Japan have an average annual salary of 4-7 million yen, while mid-level developers (5 years of experience) earn from 6-12 million yen (japandev).

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  • IT Support Specialist.
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    Skillhouse is a fast growing and IT Specialised Recruitment Agency in Tokyo, with over 20 years of experience purely focused the IT market in Japan.

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    Part-time and full-time jobs for speakers.

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    General Business Assistant.