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I was expecting "new gearbox" or something like that. Doesn't fill me with confidence though going forward.
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  • Jul 3, 2014 · Range Rover / L405 Range Rover Sport / L494 Range Rover Evoque / L538 Range Rover Sport / L320 Title BCM and RFA related vehicle non-start issues Category Electrical Last modified 03-Jul-2014 00:00:00 Symptom 203000 Basic Electrical Attachments 1Instructions to record a CAN trace.
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    To verify bearing failure, jack up the wheel in question and feel for play by rocking the wheel from top to bottom.

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    Our 2019 HSE L405 is beginning to feel a bit 'sluggish' at 25k miles - it feels slower off the mark, gear shifts are more clunky and it just feels odd.

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    MODEL: Range Rover / L405.

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